Deploying Smart Contract with ( Deprecated )

To deploy a smart contract with Ethernode only takes a few button clicks.

First Navigate to the my account page, and select solidity v0.4.19 for ETC from the Tools menu.

Once there you will be presented with the screen to either copy and paste your solidity code into or write it right there.

Once you have your Solidity code in order press the compile button. When you press the compile button you will be presented with a screen to chose which ETC node this smart contract is going to be deployed to. So make sure you have an account on the blockchain the selected node is created for with some ETC in the account to pay for the gas to deploy your smart contract.

Once you select which node you will use for deployment. Your solidity code will be compiled into byte code and the gas price ont he current network will be shown.

Once the lemmings have fetched your bytecode, it will be displayed and you will need to select a way to use your ETC account for signing your transaction and also to fund the ether to pay for the gas to deploy the smart contract. At this point we only support keystore method but other methods are coming soon.

Once you have successfully loaded your keystore, the Deploy button will become available, go ahead and press it and the deployment process will begine.

You will be presented with the TX Hash, but until you actually get confirmation that it has been mined you can’t do anything with it, it’s just there for reference.

Once your TX has been mined you will be presented with the success prompt, which will display information about your transaction.

Congrats, at this point you have successfully deployed your smart contract to the ETC morden test chain, you can click on the contract address and it will display it in the morden block explorer.

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