Making calls to your ETC Node ( Deprecated )

Now that you have a running NODE, here is a quick tutorial on how to make some requests to your NODE to retrieve blockchain data, using JSON RPC API, for this demo I will be using Postman software, but the same calls can be made using curl or $ajax.

You can find a list of all JSON-RPC methods at this GETH wiki page:

So first thing you will need is your NODE’s end point link which can be obtained through your dashboard.

Once you have your end point link and Postman downloaded and fired up, lets make a quick call using the eth_protocolVersion method to display which chain your node is on.

In this case we get a response with: "result": "0x3f" in hex and converted to decimal we get 63 which is the Mordenchain ID.

Here is a quick example sending a request with parameters using the eth_getBlockByNumber method which will return information about the block number we specify.

As you can see this request returns a little bit more info, one thing to note is the id parameter, most of the time it will not matter, it is there for the requests and results to identify each other, for methods like eth_newFilter and eth_uninstallFilter to identify each other.